Ghost Pepper FAQ

Q. What is the hottest pepper you have available?
A. Unfortunately, this is no longer a simple question to answer. The hottest peppers we will be selling this season will be the Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, and the 7 Pot Primo. The Reaper is the current official world record holder at just over 1,500,000 SHU. We had the Primo test last year at 1,469,000 SHU and the Moruga Scorpion has tested at near 1,450,000 SHU as well.

Any one of these individual peppers may be hotter than an individual pepper of the other varieties. These numbers are averages for each variety, and each pepper can vary from the average up to 30%. So a particularly hot Primo can easily be hotter than an average Reaper.
Many different environmental factors can effect the heat of individual peppers or entire crops.

This answer to this question is further complicated by the fact that many of our peppers have not been independently tested in the lab. Hopefully we will be able to have all varieties that we grow tested by the end of this year. Furthermore, next year will likely see the world record change hands yet again, so the answer will always be changing.

Q. Why aren't fresh peppers available all of the time?
A. Fresh peppers, have a short season in the Midwest. Typically our fresh peppers are available from July through October, but we frequently sell out. We also have periods during the season when no peppers are available due to the natural cycle of the plant.

Q. I saw fresh peppers for sale on your website yesterday, but today your website says "out of stock"?
A. It is very common for us to sell out of peppers during any given week. When peppers come back into stock we update the website on Saturdays. Many weeks all the peppers harvested will be sold by Tuesday. If we are sold out of the variety you are interested in, check back the following Saturday to place an order. We do this so that we do not get behind on orders.

Q. Why are can I not see the fresh pepper items on the "Fresh Peppers" page?
A. When items are out of stock, or out of season, we do not display the item on our website. Having dozens of items that are out of stock causes confusion and frustration for our customers. If you would like to know what varieties will be offered during the season, check out our "News" page where we publish updates regularly.

Q. Why do fresh peppers only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays?
A. We ship all fresh peppers via USPS Priority Mail. Priority mail takes 2-3 business days, so shipping on these days ensures that the peppers are not sitting for any extra time at mail sorting facilities during the weekend.

Q. Do you offer a quantity discount on the 1 ounce dried peppers and powders?
A. Yes, we have wholesale pricing for retailers on our retail-ready 1 ounce dried peppers/powders. You must create an account on our website and contact us in order to have your account upgraded to a wholesale account. Once your account has been upgraded, wholesale prices will be displayed on the qualifying products. There is no cost for a wholesale membership.

Q. I have ordered a product from you before, but now I cannot find it on your website?
A. If you are unable to find a product, it is most likely out of stock. You are welcome to contact us to inquire when the product will be restocked.

Q. I have ordered seeds from you in the past, why are you no longer selling seeds?
A. We have decided to stop selling pepper seeds for the time being. It is a complicated matter, and we apologize to those of you looking for hot pepper seeds. We hope to bring seeds back into our product lineup. If there is a variety you are having trouble finding elsewhere, feel free to contact us, if we have extra seeds of that variety, we may be able to gift them to you.


Q. If I touch a ghost pepper with bare hands will it burn my skin?
A. Yes! We highly recommend that you use latex or nitril gloves when handling the peppers or the seeds. Also, use plastic utensils when cutting the peppers because the oil can stay on metal utensils for several washings.

Q. I have already touched a ghost pepper with bare skin, what can I do to stop the pain?
A. There are several ways to remedy this situation with things you may have around the house. Mechanics soap, with pumice, is a tried and true method, the pumice works to get all the capsaicin out of the pores. Capsaicin is alcohol soluable so rubbing alcohol can also help to remove it, as well as gin, vodka or any other high proof spirits.

Q. What should I expect when eating the ghost pepper?
A. The ghost pepper is unlike any other chili we have eaten. The first flavor you will notice is an intense sweet chili flavor, the heat does not kick in for 30 - 45 seconds. Once the heat kicks in, a whole host of things will occur. Sweating, watery eyes, hiccups and shortness of breath are likely side effects, but the endorphine rush will make you forget all about it. The burning generally intensifies over 10 - 15 minutes and subsides after 30 - 40 minutes.

Q. What can I do to stop this mindblowing, just absolutely crazy freaking burning that is happening in my face?
A. Ice cream, milk, or yogurt will help the most. Anything carbonated is definitely a bad idea.


Q. Can I grow peppers from the seeds that are in the peppers I bought?
A. Maybe, The peppers that we sell whole are not isolated from our other pepper varieties. So the seeds in the peppers that you bought are very likely to be a hybrid. You can grow the seeds but the peppers that result will not be true to their variety, but they could always be an interesting cross-breed so we encourage you to do so.

Q. How often should I water my pepper plants?
A. My general rule of thumb is to water them once the soil has dryed pretty well. Constantly moist soil may breed fungi that this plant is not tolerant against.

Q. What kind of ferilizer should I use on my pepper plants?
A. We recommend a balanced ( i.e. 10-10-10 ) fertilizer from start to finish with this plant. Chili plants do not generally benefit any more from a flowering blend of fertilizer.